Our website has been updated with a revised look to demonstrate more clearly how Front Porch and Covia have come together as one organization, united as Front Porch Communities and Services.

While you’ll see changes to our name and our logo, you’ll find consistency in how we continue to provide the same care as a non-profit provider of aging services.

We invite you to explore the website to learn more.


About Us

We believe how you live is just as important as where you live, which is why we provide outstanding senior living communities and programs for you to get the most out of life—wherever you call home.

Front Porch is a nonprofit that specializes in senior living communities and programs. We believe in helping individuals fortify their own health and purpose by building strong and engaging communities, connecting people with the services and relationships they need to thrive, and providing compassionate support.

On April 1, 2021, Covia and Front Porch united as one organization under the Front Porch name. This new affiliation combines outstanding people and resources from across California and beyond. Our shared commitment to those we serve brought us together. Maximizing our strengths as one organization will set us apart.


Our Management Team
A group of Covia staff members outside in a park
Mission & Vision

To empower individuals to live connected and fulfilled lives through community and innovation.



To inspire and build community, cultivating meaningful relationships and experiences that respond creatively to changing needs.

Core Values:

Connect: We welcome everyone’s contributions. Our greatest resource is our people. The relationships we share build community and strengthen us.

Build Trust: Our actions inspire trust and confidence. We treat each other with respect and fairness. We are open, inclusive, honest, and keep our promises.

Collaborate: Our best performance happens when we learn and grow together. Through listening and communication, we seek input, share ideas, and work as one team to accomplish our goals.

Lead Responsibly: Leaders unlock potential, empower others, and share responsibility for strategy and results. Together we take initiative to do what is right and achieve high standards.

Inspire Creativity: We do everything Humanly Possible® to create our future. As a team, we take risks and learn from success and failure. We are courageous, open-minded and encourage fresh ideas.

Embrace Change: Everything is changing, from needs to expectations to the world around us. To succeed, we must constantly adapt and improve, delivering service excellence and achieving outstanding customer satisfaction.

Inclusivity logo: Welcome, inclusion, social justice, grace. We welcome you.

Four older adults laugh together outside
Humanly Possible®

Humanly Possible® is Front Porch’s commitment to cause-based innovation. Using eight simple actions, we harness the energy and ideas of all of our people to do whatever is humanly possible to creatively meet the needs of the individuals we serve.

These eight simple actions are Observe, Inquire, Expand, Link, Imagine, Experiment, Collaborate, and Inspire.

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