Creating an authentic sense of home

At Covia we believe how you live is just as important as where you live, which is why we provide outstanding residential options and community services for you to get the most out of life—wherever you call home.

In over 50 years as a nonprofit, public benefit organization we’ve made a continuous commitment grounded in our Episcopal heritage and values. We believe in helping individuals fortify their own well-being by building strong and engaging communities, connecting people with the services and relationships they need to thrive, and providing compassionate support.


Covia promotes and cultivates healthy communities for positive aging through an innovative continuum that actively supports the whole person.


We will be widely known as a trusted resource for aging well.

Our name

Covia (pronounced co-VEE-a) is a name that emerged from deep consideration about who we are and what we stand for as an organization. The “co” of Covia comes from our belief in the importance of community, of connection, of companionship, of compassion. The “via” comes from two sources: both “via” – the path, and “vita” the Latin word for life. At Covia, we come together on the path of life. We hope you’ll join us on the journey.

Guiding Principles

Honor our heritage

Our mission and principles to serve seniors as a nonprofit provider of services and housing have been shaped by the values of welcome, inclusion, social justice, and grace that come from our Episcopal heritage.

Respect one another

We believe in working together, civility in our differences, and treating one another with dignity at all times.

Embrace individuality

We reflect, celebrate, and foster the diversity of those who live and work within the Covia family and society as a whole.

Serve with integrity

Strong ethics are at the heart of who we are and how we operate the organization today and tomorrow.

Grow wisely

We are committed to expanding our mission by bringing our innovative and collaborative programs and housing options to a larger community of seniors with a wide spectrum of financial means.

Build strength

To ensure we can continue to fulfill our mission, we are careful stewards, balancing today’s needs and resources with tomorrow’s needs and opportunities.