Connecting residents to vital services

Our Resident Service Coordinators offer access to necessary resources that make all the difference.

Support that helps residents thrive

Resident Service Coordinators (RSCs) are an essential resource for affordable housing residents. They offer information and referrals to benefit programs, help with accessing medical care, and assist with transportation arrangements. They’re the vital link that can make all the difference in living well.

Essential Resources

Covia RSCs help residents remain independent longer with personalized support to access entitlement programs and local services and help with learning about issues before they become problems. They also encourage resident participation in the community at large. From monthly informational programs to referrals, to awareness of discounts, to promoting onsite Market Day programs, to working closely with residents and families, the Covia RSC helps make sure affordable housing community residents get what they need, right at home. Beyond Covia Covia’s Resident Service Coordinators work in affordable housing communities throughout California. This contracted service is designed to help communities manage and comply with HUD-awarded grants and deliver the important services that make aging well easier.

To find out more about our Resident Service Coordination program, please contact Katherine Smith, Senior Director of Social Services for Affordable Housing, at