Covid 19 Response and Resources

COVID-19 Case Tracking by Community

This page is updated any time there is a change in status in any Covia community.  Last update: 4.19.21

Community Current Active Cases (residents) Current Active Cases (Covia employees) Latest Update
Covia Life Plan Communities
Canterbury Woods 0 0 7/21/21
Friends House 0 0 7/21/21
St. Paul’s Towers 0 0 7/21/21
San Francisco Towers 0 1 7/21/21
Spring Lake Village 0 1 7/21/21
Webster House 0 0 7/21/21
Covia Affordable Communities
Bethany Center Senior Housing 0 0 4/19/21
Jennings Court 0 0 4/19/21
Lytton Gardens 0 0 4/19/21
Oak Center Towers 0 0 4/19/21
Presidio Gate Apartments 0 0 4/19/21
Shires Memorial Center 0 0 4/19/21

Any positive cases are immediately reported to the Department of Public Health in the community’s county. If there is a positive case of COVID-19 in any community, Covia will take all available steps to control the spread of infection, based on the recommendations of the Department of Public Health and our own best practices for infection control and prevention.

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact Covia’s COVID-19 Task Force at C19info@covia.org.