Information for visitors or vendors

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We have developed some guidelines on Celebrating Thanksgiving Safely, which can be easily applied to any holiday or other event. We strongly encourage you not to celebrate in person with those outside your immediate household, and to find creative ways to connect with your loved ones remotely. 

Our communities are coming up with plans to allow in-person visits in ways that lower the risk for viral transmission, such as outdoor or window visits. These plans vary depending on the county and the community, so please abide by your community’s leadership regarding visitors. As a best practice to prevent infection, we encourage you to stay connected  with loved ones by phone or online. 

Visitors to residents in Skilled Nursing are still restricted. In-person visiting for residents in Independent and Assisted Living is limited and visiting policies are established by each individual community. Please abide by the guidelines established by the community you intend to visit. These guidelines may vary, depending on the county in which the community is located.  

Covia has also established screening guidelines for all staff, vendors, and delivery persons coming to our communities.

Please watch this brief video before your visit.

We urge everyone to get a flu shot this year, if at all possible. Please talk to your health care provider or visit to find a location near you.