Creative Aging Symposium

January 28, 2021

2020 Creative Aging Symposium Recording Now Available!

Learn about creative aging and how to infuse more creativity into every aspect of your life from experts Louise Aronson, Debra Rapoport, Edythe Boone, and more. Sign up for access to the 2020 recorded symposium with your email address below. 

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This year, we celebrate identity.

Our third age is characterized as a time of reflection, synthesis, and exploration of self. Topics include: how identity is shaped by community, how one’s sense of self evolves over a lifetime, and how we make meaning out of life’s joys, tragedies, and everyday moments.

The recordings from Creative Aging Symposium 2021 will be made available soon. In the meantime, click here to access the transcript.

The Creative Aging Symposium is hosted by Well Connected Español and Well Connected community services of Covia, and older adults active in our programs.