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Reach seniors in need throughout the Bay Area.

A resident dancing in a courtyard holding colorful decorations in her hands
Help Older Adults in Need

The Circle of Friends Fund helps provide for residents of Covia Life Plan Communities who outlive their financial resources.

Covia Affordable Housing Communities offer quality living for older people of modest means, helping them to maintain their well-being and independence.

A resident and her housemate sitting on a red sofa laughing
Empower Older People to Thrive at Home

Home Match helps older homeowners find suitable homemates, including individuals who provide help around the house in exchange for reduced rent.

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Support Positive Aging



  • Well Connected, a nationwide program led primarily by older people for older people, gives participants access to classes, groups, and social activities over the phone or online, also available for Spanish speakers
  • Social Call pairs older adults and volunteers of all ages for regular friendly visits and check-ins, over the phone and in person
  • Creative Spark helps older adults tap into their creative potential through personal projects, inspiration, and customized creative opportunities.



  • Market Day provides affordable fresh produce in a social setting


Wellness and Quality of Life

  • Covia’s Resident Service Coordinators help residents of all Covia’s communities access information and services in the greater community to maintain independence and quality of life.
  • Community initiatives funded by donations support new programs, innovations, and select capital projects in Covia’s communities