Los Gatos Meadows Community Announcement

At Covia, we care for each and every one of our residents and our employees. After undertaking a rigorous facilities assessment, we have concluded that continuing our operations in their present form is too great a risk to residents’ safety and we must begin the closure process for Los Gatos Meadows immediately. We know this decision will have significant impacts on our residents, their families, our employees and our community. We will do everything in our power to ensure the transition is thoughtful and smooth as possible.

Providing quality care and a safe and pleasant community is Covia’s core commitment to our residents. Because of risk factors uncovered during the independent facilities assessment of Los Gatos Meadows – particularly the increased likelihood of a fire disaster that we cannot mitigate – we have concluded that we must begin the closure process immediately.

With continued wear and tear on Los Gatos Meadows’ aging infrastructure, Covia became increasingly concerned that there may be unidentified health and safety risks for the community. We made the decision to proactively determine what improvements would be required to ensure the safety of all our residents and that they continue to receive excellent services and care.

In 2018, Covia retained an independent firm to assess the current status of Los Gatos Meadows’ facilities and what would be required to keep our buildings safe and operational for our residents. Of the numerous categories reviewed during the assessment, more than a quarter were found to pose a significant risk, including some that materially impact the operations of the community and even more that pose a high risk of injury to residents. Those of most concern involve fire safety, and particularly the elevated risk of fire starting within existing structures, accompanied by compromised accessibility for fire response services. The risks this assessment uncovered, while not imminent, are so significant taken all together that we concluded they must be addressed immediately.

While some of these risk factors have been known and are an expected part of aging infrastructure and evolving building codes, the accumulation of all of the risk factors combined made us aware of how vulnerable these issues leave Los Gatos Meadows. Because we place the health and safety of our residents above all else, we made the decision to begin the closure process of the community. This closure will not affect operations at El Sombroso Oaks, our neighborhood of homes off Fancher Court and Poppy Lane in Los Gatos.

While the date is not yet final, we tentatively have proposed the complete closure to take place September 30, 2019.

We are doing everything in our power to ensure the transition for our residents and their families is as thoughtful and smooth as possible. California law requires a minimum 120-day notice for the closure of any senior living property. Covia is working on a plan that would extend that timeframe to give our residents additional time to secure new accommodations with comparable services and care. Covia will be working with each resident and family on an individual basis to develop a transition plan tailored to the resident’s needs. We are committed to finding an alternative residence within another Covia community or with a community that can provide residents with comparable services and care.

We are also working to address the financial impact to residents caused by the move. For example, based on an individual plan for a resident with a Life Care agreement, we will pay any new entrance fee required, the difference in the monthly fees between their current and future residence, as well as covering relocation costs. For other residents on monthly agreements, for example, we will reimburse them for their community fee as well as offer them $2,500 toward relocation costs.

In addition, we will ensure the transition for our Los Gatos Meadows employees is as easy as possible, including providing severance packages and job search assistance. The dedication of our amazing employees is vital to our residents’ care and is the strength of our community reputation. We are truly grateful for them. 

Download a copy of our FAQs here.