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The future of Los Gatos

After 48 years, Los Gatos Meadows closed its doors in August 2019. But as we consider the future of Los Gatos, we believe there is a home here for another senior living community. Like the original community, the new Los Gatos Meadows would provide senior living and care services for a similar residential population. Our objective is to provide a safer and better functioning version of the prior community.

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Please join us as we work together to build a new community. We welcome your input and participation.

Our latest video update is available and the most current FAQ as of February 2023 can be found here (LGM Redevelopment FAQ February 2023 PDF).

Most current FAQ as of February 2023 (PDF)

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Our proposal to rebuild Los Gatos Meadows provides innovative senior care and housing on a safe and modern campus that ensures the safety and well-being of residents, employees and neighbors. It will include sustainable, accessible and state-of-the-art features that are aligned with the Town of Los Gatos’ long-term vision. We are committed to working closely with the community and Town leaders to ensure a transparent and thoughtful proposal review process.

A formal application for re-development review for 110 Wood Road was submitted to the Town of Los Gatos Planning Division on Jan. 22, 2020. The project application and all related documents, including the Draft Environmental Impact Report are available on the Town of Los Gatos website ( and at Based on feedback from the Planning Commission and Town Council, and in light of increased headwinds in construction cost escalation and deterioration in several general economic factors, Front Porch is currently evaluating changes to its proposal.

We continue to work through options that meet the requirements of the Planning Commission and Town Council along with meeting the needs of people and businesses in Los Gatos. Front Porch is going through a CEO transition at this time and for now, we do not have a specific date we are targeting to submit an update.

Since the Los Gatos Meadows facility closed Sept. 30, 2019, Covia has provided on-site property management and security, ensuring the campus remains safe from fire, trespassing, vandalism and illegal dumping. In addition, ongoing maintenance has been provided as needed. Covia has erected a perimeter fence around the main campus and has posted no trespassing signs. We do not anticipate demolishing our existing facilities until we have a permit for the rebuild proposal. In early 2022, we experienced a significant increase in break-ins and trespassing attempts. In response to this change, in consultation with local fire and police authorities, we have been adding additional lighting and security cameras. If you notice any suspicious activity on the Los Gatos Meadows property, please contact Alex Gerasimov at (408) 234-4261 and/or call the Los Gatos police.

In early 2019, after completion of a rigorous facilities assessment, Covia concluded that continuing operations of the 48-year-old Los Gatos Meadows facility presented too great a wildfire risk to our residents and employees. We worked closely with all our residents, their families, our employees, neighbors and the Town of Los Gatos to ensure a thoughtful and smooth closing on Sept. 30, 2019.

Please visit our website - - to stay informed about the proposal or the Town of Los Gatos Planning Division’s website at For information related to the existing buildings, grounds, maintenance and security, contact Alex Gerasimov at

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