Our website has been updated with a revised look to demonstrate more clearly how Front Porch and Covia have come together as one organization, united as Front Porch Communities and Services.

While you’ll see changes to our name and our logo, you’ll find consistency in how we continue to provide the same care as a non-profit provider of aging services.

We invite you to explore the website to learn more.


Front Porch successfully closes refinancing of $305,565,000

More than 50 investors participate in non-profit organization’s bond offering

Front Porch has successfully refinanced the majority of its debt, reducing its aggregate average debt service by more than $5 million annually. The Series A and Series B bonds sold for $305,565,000 and are exempt from federal and state income tax.

The organization presented its Series 2021 bonds to market on August 19th with more than 50 investors participating. Prior to going to market, Front Porch received an A rating from Fitch and an A- rating from S & P, with both rating agencies affirming a stable outlook.

By refinancing the combined debt, Front Porch has been able to streamline its debt profile, achieve cost savings, lock in long term committed capital, and level overall aggregate debt service, according to Diana Jamison, Chief Capital Strategy Officer.

“Like most successful endeavors, it was through the hard work, dedication and commitment from multiple team members that we achieved this tremendous outcome,” noted Ed Salvador, Chief Financial Officer.