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Setting Positive Aging Goals

Goals are powerful tools for motivation, accountability, and giving us something to reach for. At Covia, we see setting goals for a positive aging experience as a powerful way to make sure people are living well and aging well. And...

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Resident Generosity: Nurturing the Future

For Casa de Mañana residents Judy and Larry Sowder, their passion for giving includes supporting the residents and the employees who make up their La Jolla community. They support three separate Front Porch Community Foundation funds that make a difference...

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Wellness is a Gift from the Heart

Joanne Freeman is a savvy planner and donor. Ten years before she moved to Vista del Monte in Santa Barbara, Joanne was an active volunteer and staff member of the Vista Del Monte (VDM) Fitness and Aquatic Center, which serves...

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Joining Together for Greater Good

As Covia and Front Porch have joined together for greater good, the foundations that serve and support the organization’s communities and programs will also be joining together for greater impact. Three Front Porch foundations merged in April of this year...

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Circle of Friends: Caring for Each Other

More than 500 residents recently shared the spirit of community during a special dinner to raise awareness and support of the Foundation’s resident assistance funds, called the Circle of Friends in the Northern California life care communities. The Foundation teamed...

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