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Creative Aging Symposium

Creative Aging Symposium Videos

Click on the videos below to celebrate how creativity builds resiliency, how it shapes our sense of self, and guides us to more purposeful living. Through the wisdom of those who have spent decades tackling this topic, along with tips for daily practices of self-expression, we can start the process of uncovering our own potential for imagination and resiliency. Start from the beginning and follow through the videos in order or pick which topics and speakers interest you the most. Enjoy!

Creative Aging Symposium 2023 - Pause for Poetry with Lee Herrick

Pause for a moment of poetry with California poet laureate, Lee Herrick.

Pause for Movement with Dance Generators

Pause for a moment of movement with the Dance Generators.

Creative Paths to Rock Your Boat with Margaret Fabrizio & Nick Brentley

Discover creative paths to rock your boat with Margaret and Nick.

Pause for Play with Jessica McCracken

Take a moment to pause and explore play with Jessica McCracken.

Creative Paths to Change with Jordan Evans & Heidi Wagner

Explore creative paths to change with Jordan Evans and Heidi Wagner.

Pause for Celebration with Sharon Lee Minor & Park Cofield

Take a moment to pause for celebration with Sharon Lee Minor “Auntie Afrika” and Park Cofield.

Creative Paths to Visibility with Ari Seth Cohen & Judith Boyd

Explore creative paths to visibility with Ari Seth Cohen and Judith Boyd.

Creative Aging Symposium 2022 - Welcome

Katie Wade, Senior Director of Creative Engagement at Front Porch, and Calida Jones, Musician and VP of Arts Consulting Group, introduce the 2022 Creative Aging Symposium.

Community Music Center

Staff from the Community Music Center share about their mission, how their choirs practice over Zoom, and a special song from Bayanihan Equity Center Choir.

Tammy Hall

Soul musician and composer Tammy Hall performs her piece “Sermon in Blue” and talks with Rick Dean, a fellow musician and composer, about how music creates a sense of belonging in her life.

Annabella Denisoff

Artist Annabella Denisoff, talks with Katie Wade, Senior Director of Creative Engagement at Front Porch, about her painting techniques and a painting that reminds her of the theme of belonging.

Christine Wong Yap & Nancy Simpson

Director of Creative Spark, Jessica McCracken interviews visual artist Christine Wong Yap and vocalist Nancy Simpson about their art project ‘How I Keep Looking Up.’

Oshea Luja

Poet and producer Oshea Luja walks the audience through a breathing exercise, discusses belonging, and shares an artist affirmation.

Marc Freedman

Mental Health Activist and Live Performance Coach Helen Abel interviews Marc Freedman, CEO and Founder of Encore.org.

Creative Aging Symposium 2022 - Conclusion

Katie Wade concludes the Creative Aging Symposium 2022 by reflecting on what was discussed throughout the event.

Creative Aging Symposium 2021 - Welcome

Amber Carroll, Director of Well Connected, Katie Wade, Director of Social Call, and John Woodward, CEO of Front Porch welcome us to the 2021 Creative Aging Symposium.

Gabri Christa

Multidisciplinary artist Gabri Christa tells the story of her mother’s doll and discusses storytelling and identity with Calvin Kai Ku.

Wheel of Joy

Jessica McCracken, Director of Creative Spark, shares the Wheel of Joy interactive experience that explores what brings us joy.

S. Renee Jones

Photographer, artistic director, and gallery director S. Renee Jones discusses how picking up a camera helped her pay attention to the world around her and explore her identity.

Greg Pond

Poet Greg Pond reads a selection of his poems that touch on identity.

Tim Carpenter

EngAGE Founder Tim Carpenter talks with Katie Wade about the importance of owning our own story.

Creative Aging Symposium 2020 - Welcome

Director of Well Connected Amber Carroll, Director of Social Call Katie Wade, and Covia COO Ron Schaefer welcome us to the 2020 Creative Aging Symposium.

Nancy Cranbourne

Dancer and choreographer Nancy Cranbourne discusses self-acceptance, authenticity, and more as the first speaker for the 2020 Creative Aging Symposium.

Albertina Padilla

Storyteller and story curator for MiHistoria.net Albertina Padilla shares a creative moment on using personal history to inspire creativity.

Debra Rapoport

Eco-friendly style icon Debra Rapoport shares her approach to self-expression through style and how choosing what we wear is a daily act of creativity.

Edythe Boone

Artist, activist, and art educator Edythe Boone shares a creative moment about art and community.

Louise Aronson

Geriatrician, writer, and educator Louise Aronson discusses the importance of stories, the impact of language, and more.

David ‘Lucky’ Goff

Author and community organizer David ‘Lucky’ Goff discusses how we get more unique as we grow older and more as the final speaker for the 2020 Creative Aging Symposium.