Our website has been updated with a revised look to demonstrate more clearly how Front Porch and Covia have come together as one organization, united as Front Porch Communities and Services.

While you’ll see changes to our name and our logo, you’ll find consistency in how we continue to provide the same care as a non-profit provider of aging services.

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Creative Spark

We generate a spark that provides energizing direction for your work, fostering new programs, elevating current ones, and ultimately, creating lives better lived.

Mary Stella holding her art work

Breathe a little magic into your programming! Our consultation and interactive workshops are designed to energize staff and inspire new approaches to meaningful programming with older adults. Grounded in creative aging research, we apply and teach a theoretical framework for developing new programming or enhancing existing programs.

Whatever aging services setting you’re in – home health, Area Agency on Aging, independent living, assisted living, memory care, skilled nursing, and more – we can help you deliver impactful, creative experiences to your community.

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“Creative Spark inspired me to think outside the box and get creative!”

– Creative Spark Trainee

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91% of Creative Spark participants learned something new 100% of trainees would recommend Creative Spark to others. Creative Spark trainee quote: This is the most fun and energetic seminar I have ever attended. Playfulness, creativity, and joy is what we all thrive from. Thank you for bringing that to us so we can pass it on. Creative Spark trainee quote: Creative spark inspired me to continue to shift my thinking about and belief systems about what it means to grow older.
Designed for Impact

Our creative programming leads to inspiration, perspective shift, and tangible outcomes in your work. For more, check out our Resources page.


Resources Page

Creative Spark Staff

Jessica McCracken – Director, Creative Spark
Katie Wade – Senior Director of Creative Engagement