Social Call

Your new friendship starts here. With great care, we connect older people and volunteers for one on one conversations, by phone or video, available throughout the United States.

A volunteer sits outdoors with a resident having a laugh.
Two people sitting together, one holds a Happy Birthday balloon
What makes a thoughtful match?

Many factors affect our individualized matching process. Highly skilled and innovative Social Call staff work with a diverse pool of participants and volunteers across the United States. When making a match, practical factors are considered, such as scheduling preferences, interests or hobbies, or a shared cultural history. We also take into consideration a number of more abstract concepts, like the individual’s worldview, disposition, conversational style, and what interpersonal attributes they might be seeking in a conversation partner. By putting the success of the match and the equity of the volunteer and participant at the fore of our process, we are able to make matches that are mutually beneficial, where all parties feel valued.

A Social Call match laugh together. Between them is a desk that has an open pizza box and a blue cup.
Our Connections

Our matches connect people across the country and across generations. 70% of our matches are intergenerational while 30% are peer to peer. We invite everyone 18+ to volunteer and anyone who is 60+ can participate, volunteer, or both.

A resident and a volunteer sit socially distanced on a bench wearing masks
Social Call Staff

Katie Wade – Senior Director of Creative Engagement

Casey O’Neill– Associate Director

Karen Miller – Program Manager

Michelle Haines – Program Manager

Amber Dean – Program Manager

Richard Goldman – Match Support Specialist

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