All of the groups are accessible from the comfort of home. You can join all groups using a telephone, and a number of groups can also be accessed using a computer or tablet. After you register, we will provide you with all of the information you need to access any of our over 70 groups each week.

Well Connected is available to adults aged 60 and over who are interested in lifelong learning, support, fun, and engagement with a larger community.

Register by phone or send us an email: Call: (877) 797-7299 Email: coviaconnections@covia.org

Well Connected is FREE! We use a toll-free number for the activities, so if you are using a regular land line telephone, there will be no charges on your phone bill. If you use a cell phone, check with your provider about possible charges.

You can register at any time during our sessions.

No special phone equipment is needed. All you need is a telephone. If you want to participate via computer or tablet, you will need internet access.

We have four sessions a year that are thirteen weeks long (Winter, Spring, Summer, Fall). Groups and activities happen at different times throughout the session so be sure to check your calendar for specific dates!

Groups run between 30 minutes and one hour.

It depends on the activity. On average, groups have approximately 12 participants.

There is always a facilitator on the call who will manage the discussion. The facilitator will ask who is on the line and make sure that everyone who wants to talk gets the opportunity.

For most activities, it’s fine to just listen as long as you let the group know that you are present on the call as a listener. It is not comfortable for others if there are anonymous listeners.

If you need to miss a group because of an appointment or some other reason, it is not necessary to let us know ahead of time.

We can set up reminder calls for any group you would like to attend.

To conduct our classes and groups, Well Connected uses a telephone/video conference format, which should be considered a public format. Only first names are used on the calls, and participants are often reminded that any personal information exchanged should remain confidential. Although we do our utmost to secure privacy and confidentiality for each participant, we cannot guarantee it.

We have a number of supportive groups which are meant to offer support in a safe, nurturing environment. However, they are not intended to replace individual psychotherapy sessions. We suggest you help your mother consult her doctor about appropriate treatment. We would welcome your mother as a participant in Well Connected and hope she would find stimulation and enjoyment in socializing with others.

Yes. You will just need to be able to dial the numbers on your phone. Free adapted phones are available from the California Telephone Access Program (CTAP) to assist people with vision, hearing, speech, and mobility difficulties. You can call them at (800) 806-1191 for more information. Audio and Braille catalogs are also available to our low-vision and blind participants.

Many people with hearing limitations do participate in Well Connected telephone activities using special phones which amplify sound. Call the California Telephone Access Program (CTAP) at (800) 806-1191 to ask if one of their free amplified phones will work for you.

In addition to these group activities, our sister program, Social Call, has volunteers who will call you for a weekly phone visit. For more information, email coviaconnections@covia.org or call 877-797-7299.