Home Match

Open your doors to a new opportunity.

Living well—with others

Home Match helps homeowners with extra rooms connect with home seekers who need an affordable place to live, creating a win-win situation.
Finding home within a home.

A little help around the house and companionship can make a huge difference. Home Match interviews prospective homeowners and home seekers to check backgrounds and ensure compatibility, then connects people by researching personal preferences, house types, and interests. In some cases, accommodation can be provided in exchange for services, such as driving to the grocery store or lending a hand around the house. With this kind of arrangement, senior homeowners can often continue to be successful in their own home, while lodgers have access to affordable housing so they can remain in the area and continue their good work. Home Match currently has programs in the cities of San Francisco and Fremont, plus Contra Costa and Marin Counties.

Find or share a home

If you are interested in participating, please contact the program director in your area for more information. Home Match screens all applicants with interviews and background checks, and provides assistance with rental agreements for both parties. We can also provide mediation and referral services, if needed.

Contra Costa County:
Gabriela Perez
925.956.7385 or gperez@covia.org

Janice Heredia
510.574.2173 or jheredia@covia.org

Marin County:
Lita Acosta
415.456.9068 or Lacosta@covia.org

Home Match San Francisco:
Please visit Home Match SF, email info@homematchsf.org, or call 415.351.1000. This program is in partnership with Sequoia Living and funded by the Mayor’s Office of Housing and Community Development.

Home Match SF