Creative Aging Symposium Speakers

Tim Carpenter founded EngAGE in 1999 because he envisioned a society with transformative opportunities for older adults; spaces filled with enthusiasm and beauty, with creative programs and multi-generational housing. Tim’s pioneering efforts have garnered multiple leadership awards, including the prestigious Stanton Fellowship from the Durfee Foundation. You can find his enlightening conversations with leading thinkers at his Experience Talks podcast. 

Gabri Christa‘s mission is to transform the understanding of humanity through the arts. Born and raised in the Caribbean island nation of Curaçao, Gabri is a member of a crossroads culture, and her multi-disciplinary and wide-ranging work expresses the politics and poetics of interchanging races, rhythms, and histories, through film, choreography, performance, curation, writing, and more.

A self-taught photographer since childhood, S. Renee Jones is a photography instructor, artistic director, and gallery director. Renee honed her skills through photography workshops in San Francisco when she became homeless in 1995. Her passion lies with black and white photography, where her street photos capture the essence of humanity through movement, joy, suffering, and humor. Always learning, Renee has recently been exploring themes of pain, healing, and identity through poetry.

Gregory Pond was born in Brooklyn to Panamanian parents, has written 4 books of poetry, aftermoon – Blackened Blue – 4:00 a.m. (DARK)4:00 a.m. (LIGHT), is a member of Revolutionary Poets Brigade and volunteers as facilitator of Poetically Speaking, a weekly conference-call program for seniors, offered by Covia-Well Connected.  Among his literary influences:  Langston Hughes, e.e. cummings, Gwendolyn Brooks.  He currently resides in San Francisco.

Wheel of Joy is an interactive experience designed to deepen our understanding of what brings us joy and how we sustain those meaningful moments in the midst of extraordinary changes and hardship. Facilitated by Creative Spark, a Covia Community Service. Creative Spark  generates inspiring and energizing direction for aging service professionals, fostering new programs, elevating current ones, and ultimately, creating lives better lived.